Projects with Our Products

Here’s some projects our customers have done with our interior and exterior wall panels and siding.  We always appreciate getting these great photos and reports from our clients.

Eichler Siding Goes to Napa Update

 Here’s some updated pictures of the Napa project we really appreciate it when our customers send us photos like these.  It’s great to see how everything turned out.

Above: Here’s the front of the home before any design changes and the addition of Eichler Thinline Siding.

Below: After a redesign and the addition of our Thinline Siding.

Though  this home is not an Eichler the homeowners wanted a mid-century modern version of the previous ranch design.


Entry area after Thinline siding is added, along with a steel planter.

Above: A typical storage shed before restoration into an office.

The shed becomes a great office with a face lift.

 Our unique Eichlerondak Chairs!

Quite a view they get of the beautiful Napa Valley.

A perfect place to relax and enjoy the wonder of creation!


Michael H. Posts a Picture of his new Eichler Fence.

Thanks to Michael H. of Thousand Oaks for posting a picture of his new Eichler Fence he just completed. Michael, it looks great, thanks for sharing!

Michael wrote…Even someone who’s not very handy like me can use them well it seems.  I’m very happy with the results. Thank you very much for providing such a nice product.”

New Eichler Fence Video

Horizontal Fence Style









Below the same method used but shown not fully completed.  Eventually the cap will be put on the top and it will be painted.


Clear coated Eichler Fence, Contoured to Follow Landscaping


Backyard fence prior to landscape completion


Great reflection makes the fence appear like it is inside the home.


Same home, a shot down the side yard.