In May 2019 we were forced to change plywood suppliers.  This was because our previous supplier was using face veneer from a protected rainforest.  Not a good thing.

We found a new supplier.  The face is still Okoume however there are from time to time stress checks in the face and other minor repairable flaws.

Such issues will need to be addressed by your painter.  Using typical wood putty where needed and a quick sanding will result in very acceptable finish.  Keep in mind that exterior siding allows for such repairs.    Please be aware of these issues before ordering.  After 6 months and more, our customers are very happy with this current product.

Below are descriptions of our Eichler patterns.

Thinline: Used on Eichlers and Streng Homes

Thinline is milled with a smooth sanded surface. This provides a much closer match to the original texture and appearance of the original Eichler Thinline pattern.

Please note: It is easy to get confused between our Thinline pattern shown here, and our Wideline pattern shown below.  Here’s a video showing the difference.


  • Each groove is 1/8” wide and almost 1/8” deep.
  • Grooves are 1 5/8″ apart.
  • Face veneer of okoume, (similar to mahogany).
  • Eichler used both 1/2″ and 5/8″ thick panels. So check to see what you need.
  • In 1/2″ thick, we provide only 4×9 size panels.
  • In 5/8” thick we can provide  4×8, 4×9 and 4×10 sheets.

Wideline Used on Eichlers and Streng Homes

Please note: It is easy to get confused between our Wideline, and the Thinline pattern.  Here’s a video showing the difference.


  • Each groove is 3/8” wide and 1/4” deep.  Because we start with a standard 4″ on center groove and then add a groove to create 2″ on center, there is a noticeable difference if you have a keen eye.  Our groove is a square edge flat bottom groove, the mill groove has a very slight round over, and a veined bottom.  So there is a slight difference every other groove. Please go here for an expanded picture.
  • Grooves are 2” apart center to center.
  • Manufactured out of 5/8” sanded face Okoume
  • 4×9, and 4×10 sheets. Keep in mind that shear wall values given for most siding is for typical 4″ on center and 8″ on center grooves.  We suggest you check current building codes in your area to insure that the 2″ on center grooves will pass building codes in your area without the need of adding additional shearing behind it.

Plank-Tex: Used on Eichlers and Streng Homes and various other homes.   Originally made by US plywood.

This is a very unique and great looking siding, and was used on other homes in addition to Eichlers.


  • Grooves 8” apart.
  • Grooves are 3/16” wide.
  • Unique circular sawn swirl texture cut into the surface of the wood. This makes the plywood appear to be 8” planks nailed side by side.
  • Manufactured out 1/2″ thick material and available in 4×9 sheets.

Plank-Tex Testimonial

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the service you provide by reproducing the Eichler siding. I am grateful you made the effort to reproduce the Plank-Tex siding used on my Eichler home. I am very pleased how well it matches the circular saw mark pattern!

Thanks again!
Nelson, Foster City, CA

These are the current patterns we produce. Call for custom patterns that may also be available by special order.