We are an Eichler Siding supplier, and stock the three main Eichler patterns. If you need a licensed and experienced professional to install your siding, or you have need of various home renovations contact Eichler Siding and Renovations at www.eichlersidingandreno.com

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This site describes our exterior Eichler Siding.
We also produce “Weldtex”, aka Combed or Striated Plywood interior panels.
A unique ribbed/texture panel. Here’s the link.

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Eichler Solid Stock Vertical Cedar Fencing


We Produce the 3 Main Eichler Patterns


We can match older patterns no longer available or produce a totally new design.



For 30 plus years we have produced Eichler style siding for San Francisco Bay area homes and beyond. Keep your mid-century modern Eichler in its classic style by using our patterns to match your existing wood siding.

We deliver locally, and we ship nationwide via common carrier. We also can produce a variety of custom grooved interior and exterior plywood panels for mid-century modern homes in the Eichler style or replicate plywood groove patterns that are no longer available.

Are you looking for a retro mid-century interior panel for a unique accent wall or ceiling? We are the only producers of “Weldtex” also commonly known as “Combed or Striated Plywood.” Invented in the 50’s, Weldtex is a very unique panel that was used as accent walls, ribbed ceiling tiles, wainscot, or even an entire room. We have a dedicated website for this wonderful wood tile and interior panel.  We ship through out the U.S.

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Note: If you are picking up Siding, We have moved to San Rafael, but Google has wrong directions. Type in only the street name, then once you arrive, find #27, otherwise you will be at the wrong place. New address, 27 Paul Dr, San Rafael, CA.