Simple Steps to Identify Your Eichler Siding

We do our best to keep the main patterns in stock for immediate delivery or pick up, however, please call for current inventory before you come.

On larger orders give us just a few days and we can often be ready to provide you with what you need quickly. We do our best to keep your job moving smoothly and on time.

Identify Your Pattern: See a Video of Thinline vs. Wideline for help or follow the steps below.

There are three main plywood patterns on Eichler and Streng homes.

Follow this steps to identify your pattern. Once you have completed these measurements, then go to the Sample page.

A. Measure from the center of one groove to the center of the very next groove. Make a note of that measurement.

B. Measure the width and the depth of the groove. Make a note of those two measurements.

C. Measure the thickness of the plywood siding on your home. The easiest place to do this is at the bottom edge.

D. Deternine texture. We offer two textures, sanded or semi rough sawn. Original Eichler Siding is sanded. Most people choose the sanded texture for a better match. However in some cases due to pre existing weather checked surfaces of your old siding, the rougher version might be a better match. Go here for a picture of the two side by side.

Two of the groove patterns may appear similar until you make the measurements. These two patterns we call “Thinline” and “Wideline” Click here for a VIDEO to identify Thinline Vs. Wideline patterns.

Thinline: (Eichler Pattern and some Streng) has grooves that are 1 5/8″ apart, and the grooves are 1/8″ wide and about 1/8″ deep. Keep in mind over the years the grooves get filled with paint and so the measurements may not be exact. The panel thickness on Thinline may be 1/2″ or 5/8″ make a note of that. Made in Breckenridge and MDO

Wideline: (Eichler and Streng Pattern) has grooves that are 2″ from the center of one groove to the center of the next groove, and the grooves are 3/8″ wide and 1/4″ deep. Wideline siding is always 5/8″ thick. The grooves on the Wideline pattern are much wider than the Thinline groove. In fact on the Wideline pattern you can lay a pencil down inside the groove, you can’t on the Thinline. Made in Breckenridge only.

Plank-Tex: (Eichler, Streng and other Homes) is much different than Thinline or Wideline. Plank-tex has grooves 8″ apart with a unique swirl or buzz saw texture to it. Plank-Tex was used on Eichler’s, Streng homes and many other homes in the 50’s-70’s. Made in Breckenridge only.

What if You Have a Different Pattern?

There are exceptions to the three common patterns listed above. It may be made out of solid wood and not plywood. Chances are we can match what you have. To help us determine what you need, measure the space between the grooves, the grooves themselves and the thickness of the material. If you need help, give us a call.

Fencing: We also make solid stock fencing material that matches original Eichler fences used in many of the neighborhoods.

For additional help and photos, go to the Sample page.

We are now tooling up to replicate the solid wood vertical siding used on many Eichler and Streng homes in addition to the plywood siding we produce. If your siding is NOT plywood and is vertical solid redwood or cedar boards give us a call, or email us a photo and we’ll do our best to produce what you need. We produce custom siding for a variety of homes.