Our ability to custom produce plywood siding patterns allows architects and designers the freedom to literally design any pattern for your project. We can match older patterns no longer available or produce a totally new design.

This is true for both interior and exterior use. Several years ago we produced a 6” on center pattern with a 1/8” groove pattern for the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel owned by Stanford University. Though not radically unique from the more standard 8” on center t-111 our pattern resulted in just the right touch for this luxury hotel and we produced several hundred sheets on time and on budget. Shown below are the Premier and Presidential Suite Living Room.

Custom Patterns

These are just a few of the custom patterns listed below.

If you would like to see some examples on actual homes click here.

We have the capability to varying many of these patterns in both spacing between the grooves, and the width of the grooves themselves. We can also use different types of plywood to match you texture.

Scroll down or click on a pattern from the list below.

1. Repeating Pattern: 4″-12″-4″-12″-4″-12″

2. V-Groove: 3″ on center

3. V-Groove:6″ on center

4″-12″-4″-12″-4″-12″ Repeating Pattern

A similar pattern to this is a repeating pattern of 4″-8″-12″-4″-8″ (only the 4-12-4 is shown below)

Please click here for help in determining which groove needs to begin first on your particular repeating pattern. We have learned that they indeed vary from home to home.

This is another great looking “retro” pattern.

To our knowledge this pattern is no longer made by standard mills. The groove pattern breaks up the look of plain plywood and to the untrained eye appears to be boards of 4″ and 12″ widths nailed side by side. However because it is plywood, it takes much less time to install.


This pattern is milled from 5/8″ thick and in sizes of 4×8, 4×9 or 4×10 Douglas Fir or Breckenridge plywood siding. The grooves are 3/8″ wide and 1/4″ deep.

V-Groove: 3″ on center

Specs: Each groove is approximately 3/16″ wide and are on 3 inch centers. This pattern makes a great interior pattern for walls or ceilings. Picture shown is milled from 1/2 ACX plywood.

V-Groove: 6″ on center

Specs: Each groove is on 6″ centers. Shown in MDO with a smooth face. Rough sawn texture also available. Used as exterior siding, or interior wall panel.

Examples of Various Patterns on Homes

Here are some examples of siding patterns that are no longer available in lumber yards, but can be produced by our company. We will be adding more examples as times goes by.

Above and below, this home shows a 12″ – 4″ – 12″ repeating pattern. Notice that this pattern does a great job of making it appear that the siding is composed of wood planks instead of plywood. However it is indeed plywood and adds great shear strength to the house.

In contrast, the home below shows the typical off the shelf 8″ on center pattern. Though appealing in some ways, it shows up quite often, in both track and custom homes. Notice as well that it tends to look like plywood with grooves in it, of course that’s because it is!

Below is a home in Lafayette California. Recently we milled plywood to match the pre-existing solid stock lumber planks on this home. Owned by an engineer, the customer wanted to add shear strength to his addition on the rear of the home. The grooves are on 1 and 3/4″ centers and 3/16″ deep.

Below is a sheet of the matching plywood coming right out of our milling machine. This is milled from Roseburg’s Breckenridge TM exterior siding. This is a clear face, patch free. Paints or stains out very nicely.

Please keep in mind that we can make many more types of patterns not shown here. We will be adding more sample pictures.

We can ship nationwide.