From time to time we are asked to produce plywood grooved patterns for interior use. This includes wall panels as well as material for ceilings. Like our exterior siding products, all of our interior patterns can be grooved to your specs. Considerations can be made as to texture and thickness. In most cases joints are simple butt joints and are not ship lapped edges used in exterior siding since water proofing is not an issue.

Grooves can be v-grooved or square channel grooves. Panels can be used in many cases to replicate the look of T & G solid stock material .

Below are just a few examples of interior panels.

V-Groove 6″ on center

Specs: Each groove is on 6″ centers. Shown in MDO (Medium Density Overlay) with a smooth face; rough sawn texture also available; also available in 4” 5” 6” 8” 12” or 16” on centers or combinations.

V-Groove: 3″ on center

Specs: Each groove is approximately 3/16″ wide and are on 3 inch centers. This pattern makes a great interior pattern for walls or ceilings. Picture shown is milled from 1/2 ACX plywood.