Custom Milling: In addition to providing the three most common siding patterns listed on our Samples Page, we can also mill custom plywood siding in other patterns. Please call us or email to learn more about our custom milling service.

Delivery: We personally deliver to many locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prices are subject to location. In addition you are welcome to pick up your siding from our location in Novato. Call for additional details.

We ship all over the U.S. Please give us a call and we can give you a quote on the cost to ship your siding anywhere in the U.S. We also suggest you check with your neighbors and see if they need any siding. Often customers share the cost of the shipping and it can help keep costs down.

Southern California Delivery Options We use common carriers to ship our siding to Southern California. Shipping costs are based on weight. If you know the pattern of siding you need, and the size and quantity, we can give you a quote on the cost to ship it.